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Join the Happy Mail Movement!

I have always loved real mail. The kind that says that someone is thinking about you and took the time out of their day to sit down and write you a REAL letter. I’m not sure if it’s the writer in me, but it just means so much more when I get letters in the mail. I suppose it started with my best friend moving away when we were in elementary school. Back then, you couldn’t just call someone who lived far away, or text them. Long distance phone calls were expensive. Texting didn’t exist (sheesh, now I feel OLD!). The only way to keep in touch with my best friend was through letters.

I wrote her, she wrote me. We kept our friendship alive that way. For three years. She was supposed to move back after that, but instead I got a letter in the mail saying that she was moving to Idaho instead.

Somehow the letters stopped after that. I guess I figured that Idaho was so much closer than Kentucky, we should be able to keep in touch without letters now. Either way, I didn’t really get letters after that. Not until my friends started leaving on missions for my church (AKA they go live somewhere for two years and teach other people about our church). They’re not allowed to call, or text (even though it was around by then). The only way to keep in touch with them was letters.

I won’t lie, I wrote 12 missionaries and my main objective was to get mail. I just loved getting the mail. To this day I can still hear the mail truck coming when I’m at my mom’s place. Although a strange thing happened because of that mail, I met someone I had never met. He saw my handwriting and asked if I would write him. Through mail, I gained a friend.

Then after college I became pen pals with one of my roommates after we decided that the world was a better place when everyone wrote letters.

I still believe that.

So, in an effort to resurrect the beauty of correspondence I plan to send out “happy mail” every week. Probably just letters, but once I feel like we’re rich enough I’d love to send out packages every once in awhile, just because.

I’d love for you to join me! (I’d even love to send YOU some happy mail). So Happy Mail Postcard


Do you like real mail? Do you send real letters?


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