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Keep Moving Forward

Keep Moving Forward


Meet The Robinsons has been one of my favorite Disney movies for years. It’s one that I keep thinking about over and over again. Mainly for the quote that is the title of this blog post.

Life is not always easy. In fact, a lot of the time, it seems to decide that the best thing for us would be to kick us when we’re down. But, just like they say in the movie, we don’t learn a lot from our successes. We learn most from our failures. There shouldn’t be any shame in failing.

We just have to learn to Keep Moving Forward.

I know, it’s easy to say, and hard to do. Lately, for me, life has seemed to be a series of problems. One gets fixed and another pops right up in its place, usually larger and harder to tackle than the previous problem.

But we’ve all made it this far. We’ve moved forward to this point. There’s no reason why we won’t make it past this obstacle just like all the ones before.

So, Keep Moving Forward.

Keep Moving Forward Printable

Click here for the printable! I hope that it inspires you to overcome whatever obstacles are in your way!


What words to you use to motivate yourself when things don’t work out? 



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Madeleine L’Engle’s Secret to Success

Author Spotlight Madeleine L'Engle
I first read something by Madeleine when I was 14. It was an interesting time in my life, my parents had just let me know that they were getting a divorce. I feel like the books you read when you’re going through a hard time stick with you more than the books you read at other times in your life. Which is maybe why books you read as a child and especially in middle school stick with you forever (Because, let’s be real, those are TOUGH times).
The first book that I read by her was A Ring of Endless Light. I loved this book because it dealt with grief and first loves and dolphins and poetry. It was everything that I needed at the time. It’s still a book that I turn to every year or so. It reminds me of who I am and who I want to be. It combined my love of writing and science.
I loved this book so much that I read everything by her that I could get my hands on. I read all of the Austin Family Chronicles and all of the Wrinkle in Time series.
I looked her up on Goodreads and found out that she actually wrote a ton of books that I haven’t read yet (my to-read list just got longer…). If you want to see the full list, click here.
Reading an interview with her is one of the reasons that I decided to try writing by hand. In the interview she said that she wrote her books by hand and typed them up on a typewriter later. It also made me want to buy a typewriter. Probably I would never use it. Probably it would be a fun paperweight, but I admire her so much that it made it feel like that’s the best way to write a good book.
There’s simply something different about the books that are written by hand. There seems to be a thoughtfulness that often falls to the way side when they’re written on a computer. I wasn’t all that surprised when I found another author whose work I loved also wrote her books by hand.
Her writing is beautiful and deep. It makes me want to be a better writer. When I feel like I’m in a writing lull where I don’t really feel like writing, reading her writing makes me want to write. Especially poetry. Its the kind of work that makes me want to follow my dreams.  She’s the first writer that really made me feel like I could be a writer if I wanted to, though she certainly wasn’t the last.
Who’s your favorite author? How did you discover them?
Also, if you want to read more about the benefits of writing by hand, here are some resources:

Book Lists | Favorite Books

Book List Favorite Books


I don’t know about you but I feel like you can tell a lot about a person by what their favorite books are. Mostly because I feel like my favorite books are my best friends. When you find people who love the same books that you do, it’s an instant friendship! These are the books that I come back to over and over again, although narrowing it down to 10 books was REALLY hard.

Favorite Book List |My Favorites

I’ll be spotlighting these books in the next couple months!

I also created a Blank printable if you want to write down your top ten favorite books. I love lists, and book lists are basically my favorite.

I’d love to hear what your favorite books are! Let me know in the comments 🙂 

If you’re interested in buying any of the books listed above I’ve linked them below.

These are affiliate links which means that if you purchase these books through the links below, I will receive compensation. It does not change the price of the product for you! Thanks for supporting my love of books, notebooks and pens.

By the way, if you have a thing about covers (which I do), not all of these are my favorite covers. Particularly The Two Princesses of Bamarre and Once Upon a Marigold.

A Ring of Endless Light
The Two Princesses of Bamarre
The Little Prince
Peter Pan
Once Upon a Marigold
The Princess Bride: S. Morgenstern’s Classic Tale of True Love and High Adventure
The Hunger Games Box Set: Foil Edition
When You Reach Me (Yearling Newbery)
The Host



Book of the Month | The End of Your Life Book Club

Book of The Month March 2017-3


I found The End of Your Life Book Club quite by accident. I was searching for another book on the Overdrive app and this one came up. It looked interesting, so I thought I would give it a shot. After all, a book about reading books that’s also a true story? Right up my alley.

This is not a spoiler, because you know right from the start, but the book is about a son and his mother, who is dying of cancer and how they accidentally start a book club together.

As I started reading it, I decided to write down every book they mention. Three pages later I found the list at the end.

This book brought up so many different feelings and memories that I’m not sure that I can quite capture how it affected me. I started reading this book at the beginning of March, but it captured me so completely that I was almost positive that it would be the one I featured this month.

I loved how in this book, the idea that books affect us throughout our lives is woven in. The stories that they read become part of his own narrative, inextricably connected to what he was thinking and feeling as he went through this journey with his mother. Its  how I feel about books. I read certain books at different times of the year because they are linked to those experiences. Reading books like Hunger Games, and Matched will always remind me of when I was caught in my own love triangle (it was a terrible and perfect time to read these books). Reading The Three Musketeers will always remind me of graduating college and how it was the last book I read before I walked for graduation. The last book I read in my college house. It always reminds me of the date that I went on with a boy named Sam to see the play and how he told me that he never re-reads books because there are too many books in the world to ever re-read anything. How it broke my heart that he didn’t know the joy of returning to the old friends and memories that can be found in the ink of books.

Being deeply religious myself, I loved this quote.

“I love how Brooks shows that every great religion shares a love of books, of reading, of knowledge. The individual books may be different, but reverence for books is what we all have in common.”

I felt connected to the author and wanting to start some kind of book club of my own. In fact, not long after reading this book I decided that my husband and I should have a little book club of our own… we still need to choose a book though.

It was a fantastic read. I highly recommend it. It was authentic and touching without shattering me.

It added books to my never-ending “to read list”. Of the hundreds of books mentioned, these are the ones that caught my interest:

Crossing to Safety By Wallace Stegner

Daily Strength for Daily Needs By Mary Wilder Tileston

People of the Book by Karen Connelly

The Uncommon Reader By Alan Bennet

I’ll end with this quote,

Freedom can still depend on ink, just as it always has.”


How do the books you read get woven into your life? Have you read this book? What did you think? 




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Tools of the Trade | Voice Dictation

A few weeks ago, my husband Brian and I saw the movie Passengers. In the movie, Jennifer Lawrence plays a writer named Aurora. After realizing that she has woken up too soon, she finally gets back to what she loves doing… writing. However, in the whole movie, I don’t think I saw one pen, or even a keyboard. She writes by speaking.
Admittedly, I really like Jennifer Lawrence and I wanted to see if I could do that too.
Around the same time I had a friend at work who had to go in for Carpal tunnel surgery, so I started worrying about that. I use my hands for EVERYTHING. I’m a writer, so I type and write by hand. I’m a hand letterer, so I use them for art and lettering. I want to take care of my hands and make them last as long as I can.
My little sister has Lupus, so typing is hard for her, so I’d heard about Dragon Speaking Naturally. I was thinking it would be pretty cheap…
It’s about 300$. Not only is it 300$, but it’s less accurate for a Mac, which is what I use.
Being that I don’t have 300$ laying around (my husband has been out of work for three months, and even before that we definitely weren’t rolling in dough), I wanted to see what else was out there.
I read a few articles and considered my options. Most of the options that I saw in the articles were Dragon Speaking naturally. It’s like they have a corner on the market or something. Then I found a blog post about Google Voice typing. I’m already a huge fan of Google Drive so I thought I would try it out.
I fell instantly in love.
I’ve been trying to get my last novel that I’ve been working on by hand typed up for awhile, but just typing what I’ve already written is kind of boring for me. However, reading it out loud has several advantages.
  1. The computer does the typing for me.
  2. I can hear the awkward sentences, or see if things are flowing smoothly, while accomplishing another step.
  3. Because voice typing is not 100% accurate I read over it again. Usually there aren’t too many mistakes and my work gets another once through.
  4. I feel super cool.
Number 4 might be the most heavily weighted.
I used Google Voice typing to type up my post about General Conference actually. It’s so fun to watch what you say magically appear on the screen. I was head over heels for Google Voice Typing until I found Mac Dictation.
The first time I tried it I was geeking out so badly and smiling so widely that I almost couldn’t speak. No one was home, but I kept looking around to tell someone, “Can you believe this! Look at this!”
It’s even MORE accurate than Google Voice Typing. If you have a Mac, you can start using it pretty much right away. Plus, you can even download it to your computer so that you can use it when you don’t have internet.
I highly recommend both of them. Especially if you’re a slow typer. Or, even if you just want to feel cool and justify it by saying you’re saving your hands.
Have you tried Voice Dictation? What did you use? How did you like it?
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General Conference | Spring 2017

General Conference Spring 2017 Post


This weekend is General Conference for my church. At first this might seem unconnected to Ink, but the words they speak this weekend will largely affect my reading material for the next six months.

This weekend leaders in my church will give us modern scriptures in the form of talks. Then a few days later these talks will be converted into articles that can be read on any mobile device.

I love this weekend for many reasons. the chance to get new information on ways I can change, the chance to be inspired by leaders in my church, and the chance to listen to all of it with my family and my husband.

Couple Journal | Conference Oct. 2016

Last conference after everything was over, my husband and I, made a  list of all the topics of General Conference that the speakers spoke about over and over again. After we had made the list we then talked about the different promises that we had been made if we acted on those things that the leaders had asked us to do. We also made  goals on what we should do moving forward. I loved to see how the speakers talks connected even though they were not assigned a specific topic to speak on. While this is the first time that we had done this, I’m sure that this will be a tradition that we continue. I found this activity to be so helpful that I thought I would make you it worksheet that you can use to fill out during Conference or after conference is over. Hopefully, this worksheet will help you to focus on the most important things for the next 6 months.


General Conference Worksheet Spring 2017
Printable General Conference  Journal Worksheet


Also, even if you are not a member of our church, you are welcome to listen or watch. the information that they cover is not solely pertaining to the members of the church, but good information in general for anyone wishing to be closer to Christ. I don’t say this to try and convince you to join my church or trick you into spending hours watching hours of talks, I simply wish to invite you to be inspired. It’s something that inspires me every 6 months. Even if you don’t watch or listen you can still read the talks later.

If you’re planning to watch or listen, I’ve linked the options here!
I hope you have a wonderful weekend and if you have anything to share or any questions please leave them in the comments below. I’d love to connect with you!


Do you watch General Conference? How do you use the information to move forward?

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Camp NaNoWriMo 2017

Camp NaNoWriMo 2017


Camp NaNoWriMo is starting in four days. In case you’ve never heard of NaNoWriMo, you should know that it’s basically the best month of the year. Starting in November you try to write a 50,000 word Novel in 30 days.

Camp NanoWriMo, however, is a little less rigid. It allows you to work on writing projects that you may have already started, and it also allows you to change your goal. You can do number of words, hours, minutes, number of pages you want to write… you get the idea. It’s great for finishing old projects that you may have abandoned for a time, or just to get a sense of community while you keep working on a writing project. Especially if you want to jump start a writing habit!

I will be participating in Camp NaNoWriMo this year, working on my novel that I started last November. I’d love to connect with you! I started a private cabin called Her Ink Cabin. If you want to join my cabin, then drop your NaNoWriMo user name below in the comments and I’ll invite you in!

Just a heads up, I tried to do 15 hours as my goal for the month (since I will, again, be hand writing my project) and it told me a needed a goal of at least 30 words. They just barely switched it this year so that you can choose something other than a word count goal, so I think they haven’t worked out all the kinks! I just changed my goal to the number of minutes. Well, I actually upped my goal to 1000, because 15 hours is 900 minutes and why not, right?

Anyway, good luck writing! I hope you’ll join me in writing this April!
By the way, if you’re wondering where I got the beautiful background on my laptop, you can get it here!