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Paper Heart Poet

Today is Poem in your Pocket day! I’ve been planning this post for quite awhile, but then kind of forgot about it (I’m definitely human), so this will probably be short and sweet!

I’ve always loved poetry. I’ve never felt like I am very good at writing it, but I’ve always felt compelled to write it. Especially around times of turmoil (so basically my whole life). I’ve always loved that feeling of converting my emotions into words and ink, setting down in words just what my heart is feeling.

I’ve always loved knowing that even if no one else understood, that page understood what I meant. It became a confidant when I couldn’t, or didn’t want, to explain what I was feeling to someone else.

I’ve also always loved finding little things in books. Post its or papers or notes from whoever read it last that they forgot to retrieve. Even though I knew that I would never know who they were, it made me feel kind of connected to someone else who had read and loved the same words that I had.

So, the paper heart poet was born. The idea is to write a poem and leave it in a book for someone else to find. That way, you’re putting more art, more beauty in the world, and maybe connecting to someone else. I also liked that you don’t necessarily have to remain anonymous. You can put your social media handle or the name of your blog or whatever and connect with someone new.

You can really do it however you like, but if you wanted an easy way to do it, here is a printable.  Just print it out, cut out a heart and write your poem on the back and slip it into a book! It could be any book, but I recommend one that you read and loved 🙂

If you don’t feel like the best poet, you can always put a poem (with credit) that you love that someone else wrote on the back!

I hope you have a poem filled day!

Paper Heart Poet Template 1


Are you carrying a poem in your pocket today? What book would YOU leave a poem in?


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