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Keep Moving Forward

Keep Moving Forward


Meet The Robinsons has been one of my favorite Disney movies for years. It’s one that I keep thinking about over and over again. Mainly for the quote that is the title of this blog post.

Life is not always easy. In fact, a lot of the time, it seems to decide that the best thing for us would be to kick us when we’re down. But, just like they say in the movie, we don’t learn a lot from our successes. We learn most from our failures. There shouldn’t be any shame in failing.

We just have to learn to Keep Moving Forward.

I know, it’s easy to say, and hard to do. Lately, for me, life has seemed to be a series of problems. One gets fixed and another pops right up in its place, usually larger and harder to tackle than the previous problem.

But we’ve all made it this far. We’ve moved forward to this point. There’s no reason why we won’t make it past this obstacle just like all the ones before.

So, Keep Moving Forward.

Keep Moving Forward Printable

Click here for the printable! I hope that it inspires you to overcome whatever obstacles are in your way!


What words to you use to motivate yourself when things don’t work out? 




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