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General Conference | Spring 2017

General Conference Spring 2017 Post


This weekend is General Conference for my church. At first this might seem unconnected to Ink, but the words they speak this weekend will largely affect my reading material for the next six months.

This weekend leaders in my church will give us modern scriptures in the form of talks. Then a few days later these talks will be converted into articles that can be read on any mobile device.

I love this weekend for many reasons. the chance to get new information on ways I can change, the chance to be inspired by leaders in my church, and the chance to listen to all of it with my family and my husband.

Couple Journal | Conference Oct. 2016

Last conference after everything was over, my husband and I, made a  list of all the topics of General Conference that the speakers spoke about over and over again. After we had made the list we then talked about the different promises that we had been made if we acted on those things that the leaders had asked us to do. We also made  goals on what we should do moving forward. I loved to see how the speakers talks connected even though they were not assigned a specific topic to speak on. While this is the first time that we had done this, I’m sure that this will be a tradition that we continue. I found this activity to be so helpful that I thought I would make you it worksheet that you can use to fill out during Conference or after conference is over. Hopefully, this worksheet will help you to focus on the most important things for the next 6 months.


General Conference Worksheet Spring 2017
Printable General Conference  Journal Worksheet


Also, even if you are not a member of our church, you are welcome to listen or watch. the information that they cover is not solely pertaining to the members of the church, but good information in general for anyone wishing to be closer to Christ. I don’t say this to try and convince you to join my church or trick you into spending hours watching hours of talks, I simply wish to invite you to be inspired. It’s something that inspires me every 6 months. Even if you don’t watch or listen you can still read the talks later.

If you’re planning to watch or listen, I’ve linked the options here!
I hope you have a wonderful weekend and if you have anything to share or any questions please leave them in the comments below. I’d love to connect with you!


Do you watch General Conference? How do you use the information to move forward?


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